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About Desiree McKinney

Desiree McKinney was born in Houston TX. She began her love for the music, fashion, and dramatic arts at a very early age. She co-founded a girl group and choir  where she polished her skills as a young teen. She soon found a need to convey her individual voice and expressed it in her first EP, "A Square's Daughter" during which time she worked with  Christopher "Le" Holloway.  She soon recorded "Taken' with 106 and Park's battle finalist, Amy Miller, while
concurrently delivering "Dirty Desiree" for heavy play in European night clubs.
Desiree attributes her unique sound to the influences of Funk, Hip Hop, C&S, Pop, and Trap music. She loves to tell the story of how her father introduced her to rap. While her mother enjoyed classical and the oldies she read beautifully colorful stories to her at bedtime, her dad made up rhythmic rhymes to get her to brush her teeth before bed, on rides to school, and to cheer her when she was down.
Hear her evolution of her sound from the lows of "Nina Brown" to her latest single, "Higher",  that is scorching the airwaves. Her album " A Squares Daughter" which is out now on all major music platforms. Already accepted in A List night clubs in Los Angeles and Houston the album was originated in Houston and  Los Angeles as a politically meditative project created for the voice of the South. Also Chek out her latest album "Desiree" Which is out now.

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Acting: Circle Talent


Modeling: Janice Dickenson






Best Alt Hip Hop Artist Alive





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