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My business is a place focused on healing everyone through faith (Christian Waistbeads), music (focused
on strength through trauma, police brutality, God, negative propaganda from media etc.), art, vegan
cosmetics, funny clothing (laughter) & exposing all cultures to African culture.

All About The Calvin Jean Foundation

The Calvin Jean Foundation is affectionately named after my Grandfather Calvin, on my Fathers side and my Grandmother Jean on my mothers side. Jean was an Artist and I am not sure what my Grandfather did. I know they kept my family together and behaved.


It breaks my heart as I grew up in the bible belt, to hear people tell me their ethnicity as black, African American, or I don't know. My belif is that every person of color is of African decent and my foundation provides a way for people to visit the place that they are from and learn more about it.

To celebrate, we are hosting a summer concert and kicking off the tour to let more people know about us!




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Best Alt Hip Hop Artist Alive





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