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☺️ What you’re wearing can change your mood. 😎 Waistbeads not only help with mental health they help physically as well. can help! Or DM me. #customwaistbeads #allcolorsavailable #mentalstrength


You can lose weight, maintain your shape, stop over eating, align your back, and help heal your spirit 🏵


Waistbeads are originally from Egypt. I bless the beads and ship them to you along with a video on how to close them properly. 


I recommend 3-5 for traditional purposes. 


You can send a full body photo no measurements are required. 


Waistbeads can take 1-2.5 weeks for completion. 


If you are in the Houston area I offer installation done myself. 


I also offer: Waistbead parties and wholesale❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤🤍🤎💗


Pink Sherbert Anointed waist beads

SKU: 000786xtt77789

    Best Alt Hip Hop Artist Alive





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